MDR1 Tags

MDR1 Tag (Heavyweight)

Why take a chance if your dog is mutant/mutant or mutant/normal?  The heavyweight MDR1...

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MDR1 Wallet Card

Don't take a chance with the life of your dog.  The MDR1 Wallet Card is a durable card to...

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MDR1 Magnet

At a glance, you can find the MDR1 problem drugs on our MDR1 Refrigerator Magnet.  The magnet...

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MDR1 Tag - International Purchasers

International shoppers, due to the additional costs associated with mailing internationally, the...

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10 MDR1 Tags - Heavyweight

Heavyweight MDR1 tags ordered in bulk units of 10 can be purchased at a discounted price of only...

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50 MDR1 Tags

Bulk orders of 50 heavyweight tags to the same address are only $4.50 per tag!

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