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MEDICAL UPDATE - August 2016
Since receiving regular care from a fabulous team of veterinary dermatologists, starting last January, Tea has made incredible progress. He's been prescribed Atopica and Pentoxifyline, and his coat has grown from dull and patchy to long, shiny, soft and beautiful fur. His nose has gone from dry and cracked to smooth and damp. According to his vets, he may never fully recover the pigment in his nose, but that is the only symptom that remains from his previous neglect.
Tea is at a healthy weight, and he is on a high quality limited ingredient specific protein dry diet, which carefully meets both his skin and sensitive pancreas medical needs. Tea loves frozen green beans and baby carrots as treats.  He is a happy, healthy active boy, who loves chasing his ball and sleeping in his foster mom's bed.
Tea would like to let his supporters know that Life is good!  There are squirrels in the backyard just begging to be chased, a very important job, and he's very good at it! His mom always makes sure to put sunscreen on his nose (not his favorite part), and comes out with him to behold his awesome squirrel chasing abilities! He is grateful to Mini Aussie Rescue for saving him from a sad life as a neglected backyard dog, and supporting the very necessary, ongoing medical care  to let  him continue to live  the good life that he so completely deserves.
Tea is in a long-term foster home that is skilled in dealing with his special needs.  He is deeply loved by his long-term foster care provider.
Original Post: Mini Aussie Tea has been through a lot in his seven years. Tea joined MARS in December 2014 as a six-year old dog.  He was 15 pounds underweight.  A biopsy on his nose was done for suspected lupus and/or sun damage from neglect and long hours spent in a backyard at his previous home. His biopsy results were inconclusive, but our vet assured us that Tea could have a long happy life.  Good nutrition, limited sun exposure and sun screen, and a small amount of Prednisone would probably be the extent of his special medical care needs. Tea gained weight. A diet of salmon-based grain-free food with additional salmon oil supplements showed improvement in his coat, and he blossomed into a happy, goofy, playful, and snuggly dog.
In May of 2015, the condition of Tea's nose started to deteriorate into dry, cracked and scaly skin that appeared quite painful.  Tea started a medical trial of several drugs (including Prednisone) used in the treatment of lupus.  Tea improved on this plan until late August of 2015.  Tea began uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, combined with an inability to walk.  He was rushed in an emergency vet where he spent the next five days recovering from pancreatitis and heart complications.  Over the following months, Tea had weekly visits to his vet to monitor weight fluctuations.  He started a food trial of a prescription product designed to help his skin and reduce the recurrence of pancreatitis.  He was taken to a canine cardiologist who diagnosed him with a leaky heart valve.  The trauma resulting from pancreatitis caused him to have a racing and irregular heartbeat.  Fortunately, the condition reversed so that he did not need surgery.
Sadly, his skin condition has not been as easy to address.  The prescription diet caused gastric upset and did not improve his lupus, nor did it help his overall skin condition.  Over a six month period, the only thing that helped him was Prednisone.  Unfortunately, Prednisone has caused a loss of fur and raw, irritated hotspots.  He is currently seeing a veterinary dermatologist who is formulating a treatment plan for him. 
Tea’s treatment has run up a bill in excess of $3,000.  He is in a long-term foster home that is committed to providing the care that he needs.  Tea is a sweet boy, and one of the nicest and friendliest dogs that one could ever meet.  His two favorite activities (other than eating) are playing ball and snuggling with a human. 
Tea’s medical bills have put a strain on his long-term foster provider, and MARS is committed to assisting with the bills that have been incurred.  Donations for Tea are tax-deductible and will go directly to his care.  All donations are tax-deductible, per IRS regulations.