Good Samaritan Fund

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Support is a major part of MARS.  We are known primarily for rehoming Mini Aussies in need.  However, that is not all that we do.  We often work with owners to help them keep their dogs in their homes.  Sometimes, we can offer behavioral or training help.  On other occasions, the support is more concrete.  We have provided dog food for a family that had fallen on hard times and could not afford to feed their dog.  The same family was also helped with vet bills.  We provided vet care and humane euthanization for a dog with advanced mammary cancer, as well as one that had a serious injury.  In both cases, the dogs were suffering and the families could not afford to take them to a vet.  We are committed to helping dogs, and sometimes that means helping their owners.  We work with local vets to help families who are in a crisis care for their dog.  No funds are given directly to an owner.  To that end, we are establishing a fund for the one-time or short-term help for owners who need assistance.  All donations to the Good Samaritan Fund are tax-deductible.