To Go Pet Towel

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The reusable, disposable to-go Pet Towel is a completely biodegradable drying sheet for your pet. It offers quick/handy drying without dirtying bath towels. Soft, compact in size (17 x 31.5"), yet absorbent you are able to wring-out, hang dry, and reuse. Unlike other drying towels/sheets and microfiber towels on the market, the to-go Towel reabsorbs right away for repeat drying even when wet. Each towel absorbs up to 8oz of wetness and expels 5-6oz making it ready to reabsorb right away.  Great after a foul weather walk, a quick trip outside or for the unexpected jump in the lake.When dry, simply repackage in the pouch and it's ready for the next unexpected wetness.  Proudly made in the US.